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we give you the best in material and expertise.
At G-F One Coatings, we specialize in garage floor installation and repairs of any kind.

Millions of square feet covered.

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We guarantee use of premium materials and processes on every floor we work on.

1 Prep perfect

We extensively prep and grind every surface so that we're applying our material to a clean contaminant free surface. We've done millions of square feet in prep, and will make sure your floor is prep perfect.

2 Premium materials

We use products that are four times more abrasion resistant than epoxy and hybrid formulas. This blend ensures the highest possible chemical resistance and flexibility available in today’s market.

3 Fast. Experienced.

We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach and ability to work quickly while providing premium materials and workmanship. Get your garage done in one day. Our time tested process offers you the best in flooring period.

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We've done thousands of floors with extremely satisfied customers.

"I love the full chip look of my floor, it looks like liquid granite... not only that, the floor helps hide my lack of maintenance and looks absolutely brand new every time I wash it down after a long winter."
- Long Lake, MN

"You guys never stopped moving from process to process. I can't believe the perfection and detail in my new floor. I couldn't believe you were able to get everything done in one day. It was a one day whirlwind that left me with a stunning new garage floor."
- Maple Grove, MN

"The new floor you put in is incredible. Me and my family can now use our garage to put cars, tools, and kids stuff. The garage has become part of our lifestyle. The floor is also slip resistant, which is great when I'm moving stuff around. I love the finish, and the floor is completely level. It's been 3 winters since you did the floor, and it looks brand new. Thank you!"
- Minnetonka, MN

"I needed to get my floor done, but I didn't have the time to make it an ordeal. You couldn't have made it simpler for me. The floor was done in one day as promised and so much was done. Not only was the surface and depth of color gorgeous, but you fixed the concrete itself (water used to pond... no more!)"
- Edina, MN